Embracing Our differences to build a better kingdom...

What happens to a women that  has to overcome many different challenges , a women that decided to take what life threw at her and  create a platform that promotes sisterhood and unity.

That is just what I did, and from this D.O.P was born. As a wife, mother, author, and empowerment coach what  better way to make use of your broken pieces, than to create a place that shows women what victory and power to overcome looks like. A place that shows us each day that we are stronger together than we could ever be apart.


Our Passion In Motion

                          Financial Freedom & You

 We are partnered with and awesome Author and Life Coach we feel that can provide the best support and love no matter what you are facing, Carmen Mclean has always had passion to encourage women and to see them grow into their full  potential. As a Certified Life Coach, her desire is to guide women to claim their role as Chosen Daughters just as she has. 

As she continues to overcome life's hurdles and challenges she grows ever closer to her Heavenly Father and is strong day by day. In the sharing of her experiences, Carmen teaches others to press forward to become whole and influential women in their own lives.

AngieH~ Founder/CEO

  • Single Moms Rock Contest
  • Financial Freedom Workshops
  •  Bible Study
  • Community Service Project
  • Empowerment Brunches
  • Speaking Engagements

Leaders That Lead The Way Through Love & Support


                      Single Mother's Unite

          Certified Life Coach

We can do so much when we have the finances to do them with right. What if you learned to first manage the finances you have then you will have the knowledge to sustain your increase. We know we want to be free but what does that mean.

Freedom is when you are not bound to the pressures of life. Our Financial freedom leaders will teach us how to save, coupon, and the power of budgeting. We also have relators that will help your dreams become reality. 





D.O.P was founded Jan 13,2015

9/15- Our First brunch "Stir Up The Gift

10/15-Our First Giving Project blessings bags to shelter.

1/16- Empowering Vision Board Workshop

4/16- Serve Pancakes to Haven House shelter.

8/16- Women Of Power Conference

2017-Launching Of New Programs

Single mother's unite is a platform that brings all mothers together to support and empower each other to continue to be the best role models they can be no matter what they face. Through our single mothers program lead by some of our single mothers we provide a support system that not only brings love and support but some wisdom and insight on various topics,

We also have a Mothers Day program that focuses on a mothers day out were we give them a moment to be loved on and supported while someone takes care of her for a day.