Our Purpose:

 Let's Come Together..

You survived for this Moment...

Embracing Our differences to build a better kingdom...



Journaling With Purpose

One thing we believe in is giving back to our community the only way to be effective is if we come together and build one another. 

 A sisterhood is the bond between women in unity with love & support. It will take all women and their differences coming together to build a sisterhood that will last a lifetime




We Are Stronger Together....

Let Your Example Speak Volumes...

 Women Working Together To Achieve One Goal.

Journaling is a way to get in a quite place and focus on you and your thoughts. In our journaling we use our bible and empowerment to uplift and encourage.

Everything you went through brought you to the point of purpose now you just have to define it....

Sisterhood &Strength

  • Promote Unity
  • Prayer and Counseling
  • Empower
  •  Build Strong Relationships
  •  Provide Inspiration
  • Relationship Advisor
  • Healthy Families
  • Promote Healing
  • Community Outreach