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So what are Annespirations? Annespirations are inspirational quotes that are meant to help readers through life's difficult journey. These quotes provide encouragement to keep fighting despite the desire to give up. In this book  readers will find that on every page there is relatable content and encouragement. They will also find a scripture and journaling space to help them understand that God's word is consistent and it will always be there to guide them through.

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About Annespirations 

What happens to a women that has overcome many different challenges, a women that decided to take what life threw at her, she creates a platform that promotes sisterhood and unity, she gives birth to D.O.P  women's ministry group. What better way to use your broken pieces, than to provide a place that shows women what victory and the power to overcome looks like. A place that shows us each day that we are stronger together than we could ever be apart. Welcome to the place that helps to Define Our Purpose.